1. Pre-A1 Starters – Reader: The Leopard and the Monkey

The Leopard and the Monkey for CEFR Pre-A1 Cambridge StartersIt's morning in the jungle and leopard is hungry and his favourite breakfast is monkeys. But leopard falls into a well and only baby monkey can help him. Can baby monkey pull leopard out of the well? And is leopard really monkey's friend? Find out how a [...]

1. Pre-A1 Starters – Reader: Freddy the Frog Prince

Freddy the Frog Prince by Maria Cleary for CEFR Pre-A1 Cambridge StartersFreddy the frog is very happy. He likes his life and the pond and he likes Francesca, the prettiest frog in the woods. One Friday evening Freddy is waiting for Francesca when he hears a strange sound. It's Princess Priscilla and she is not [...]

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