8. How does BilingualLife help children learn English?

BilingualLife learners will become familiar with the sounds and basic grammatical and syntactical structures of the English language, and will also acquire basic vocabulary and communication skills relevant to their preschool age. Throughout their lives they will acquire vocabulary faster, learn to read English more easily, and have an overall smoother learning curve when it [...]

7. Do we, the parents, need to speak English?

With BilingualLife, parents to not need to be able to teach or speak English. Their role is to share, support and encourage. Many parents learn together with their children through BilingualLife's "You learn, I learn" approach.

5. Why is BilingualLife a good idea?

The three most important reasons are: Better educational performance: Children develop better cognitive skills when they learn a second language from a very young age. Better financial outlook and career prospects: Young bilinguals have more employment opportunities and options. Improved International Relations: Bilingual children have broader cultural awareness, adaptability and multicultural understanding.

4. Is it really effective and what are the challenges?

The challenge of children becoming bilingual is the same in many countries, but BilingualLife offers the same benefits to everyone, since it is carefully designed and adapted to local customs and conditions by the respective local Language Centre responsible for carrying out the programme. In recent years, BiligualLife has been tested in dozens of Foreign [...]

3. What are the goals?

BilingualLife aims to give all children the chance to become bilingual by the age of seven so that they can become independent, bilingual students.

2. What is the difference from other bilingual education programmes?

BilingualLife Programme promotes learning English as part of children’s natural daily experience and not as a foreign language. BilingualLife is unique because: it provides materials for home and preschool use and it can start shortly after birth, making the learning process twice as effective it is affordable and accessible to everyone it is suitable for [...]

1. What is BilingualLife;

BilingualLife is an international programme that gives every child the opportunity to become bilingual.

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