British Traditions: Stir-up Sunday

That’s when the Brits make their Christmas pudding!

It’s five Sundays before Christmas, which means it’s on a different date every year.
This year, Christmas is on a Tuesday so if we count five Sundays backwards, that’s 25th November!

The British prepare their Christmas pudding on Stir-up Sunday and eat it on Christmas Day, on the 25th December, one month later!

A traditional Christmas pudding must contain thirteen ingredients to represent Jesus and his Disciples. Some of these ingredients
are: flour, sugar, eggs, lemon and orange, sultanas, dried fruit, milk, cinnamon, butter, brown beer, and some brandy or rum!

They mix all the ingredients together and finally, they add a coin! Of course, the coin is not to be eaten, but if you find it in your pudding, it’s good luck. When all the ingredients are in, everyone in the family stirs the pudding and makes a wish.

Christmas pudding can be stored for up to three months, so when it is ready, they put it away and wait for Christmas Day to eat it.


Me before you is a film that all girls love to watch on Valentine’s day.

It is a about a man, William, and a woman, Louisa, that fall in love every day without knowing it. Louisa, or Lou, is many years younger than William.

The story begins when starts looking for a job because she needs money.

Will is unable to walk. He can only talk, see, hear and feel.