Greek Christmastime Customs

An old Greek custom is Christmas Carols which are traditionally sung on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
They knock on doors and ask «Shall we say them?». Homeowners usually give them money.

My favourite book is called “Pollyanna”, it is literature and the author is Eleanor Porter.

The book tells the story of Pollyanna, the main character, a girl that lives with her aunt who hates children. Pollyanna’s father is a priest and he teaches her the “Glad game” before he dies. Pollyanna learns to spread the joy to everyone around her in the town she lives.

One day, however, a car hits Pollyanna and she becomes disabled. Then it is time for the people in her town to return the joy to her. My favourite part is when she has an operation and is able to walk again.

I really enjoyed reading this book because I like how Pollyanna makes everyone happy. I recommend this book to everyone!