Greek Christmastime Customs

The Christmas tree is a tree that people decorate all over the world. They often place an angel or a star on the top.
Greeks also decorate a ship to show how much they love the sea.


Lots of people think that penguins live only on ice. However, only two species, Adelia and Imperial penguins, live in Antarctica all year long.

Most penguins live across the Southern Ocean.

Penguins are easy to spot:

– They have a black back and a white stomach.

– They are fat with short legs.

Even though they are birds, penguins can’t fly but they are excellent swimmers and they can also sleep on water.

The types of penguins are:



The swimming penguins are:

-Penguin Altis

– Penguin of the sennar Island

– Penguin of the Auckland islands

– Penguin of the Fiord islands

– Penguin of the Macquarrie islands

– Penguin Chalk (this is the bigger species)

There are seven main types:

– African

– Bearded penguin

– Adelie

– Galapagos

– Sacked

– Yellow-eyed

– Magellanic

– Peruvian

Penguins eat mainly fish and they are threatened with extinction due to overfishing.