Greek Christmastime Customs

Which time of the year brings people together? Christmas, of course! The whole family gets together gathers and enjoys the Christmas meal.
Greeks enjoy eating roast lamb, turkey or pork (chicken) with potatoes or rice.


UNICEF is a world organization which started on 11 December 1946 to help kids in Europe and Asia after the end of the WWII. Today Unicef fights to help children around the world who haven’t got food, safety, a home, health or education.

In 1945 WWII ended. Millions of kids in Europe didn’t have enough water, food, clothes, shoes and many of them were hungry and ill.

So, the United Nations created UNICEF to help them. UNICEF sent water, food, clothes, shoes and medicines to help the children.

In three years, UNICEF helped 10.000.000 kids. Then the United Nations realized that millions of kids in other countries in Africa, in Asia and in Latin America needed water, food, houses, schools, books, doctors, hospitals and medicines. Many children were cold, hungry and ill. Therefore, UNICEF sent supplies by car, train, airplane, ship or even on camels, horses and bikes.

UNICEF help millions of kids to learn how to read and write, how to grow vegetables, how to fish, how to have clean water and generally how to be healthy and glad. They have helped many children in more than 145 countries. UNICEF can help because many people who love kids donate money and other things, or they even buy UNICEF’s merchandise, like calendars and schoolbags, in order to help raise money. UNICEF say “Thank you” to all the people who help to create a better world for the kids around the world.