A day in the life of an Elf

It is so hard being a Christmas elf, especially around Christmas. There are so many things us elves have to do and our day, as you can guess, can get pretty tiresome. This is what a typical day in my life looks like:

It was Monday 17th  December and it was snowing. The winter of 2018 has been the coldest winter so far and it is hard to work in such cold weather. I woke up at 7.00 am and had an excellent breakfast. I ate fine fruit and chocolate cookies and I drank my herb tea. But then there was no time to waste so I started working. First I had to clean the reindeer stables and also feed the reindeer. I had a break at 10.30 to eat brunch. I was very hungry, so I ate a few fairy-biscuits, which were delicious to tell you the truth.

At 11.30 I had finished cleaning the stables and it was time for me and some other elves to fix Santa’s sleigh. Afterwards, the boss (Santa, that is) asked me to tidy his room and make him coffee.

When I finished, it was time for lunch. At 14.00 pm I went to the dining room with the other elves. The food was delicious. We had stardust and goblin salad for lunch and got some rest for a couple of hours.

At 16.00 pm, all the elves went to the present factory to fill some last-minute toy orders. I made a toy train, which was pretty difficult because I had to make 20 rails and, trust me, my hands hurt. I also made an ice castle and I accidentally almost killed Santa with it, so I got grounded for that. I am a bit clumsy sometimes.

That evening, I didn’t have dinner with the other elves because I was in detention and had to clean the factory. I had dinner all alone in my room at 10.45 pm. Finally, I cleaned my room and I went to bed just before midnight.

No, there is nothing to envy about an elf’s life!


Home Alone

Since Christmas is near, I am going to talk about my favourite Christmas movie: Home Alone.

The plot is about a boy named Kevin who his family accidentally leaves home while preparing to go on a holiday trip to Paris. Kevin enjoys being alone until he has to face two burglars trying to break into his house.

This movie is a global success and it is on TV every year. It has won numerous awards and people have loved it so much that Home Alone 2,3,4 and 5 were released. Only Home Alone and its immediate sequel, Home alone 2, are the original movies with the same actors, though.

I bet you have already seen the movie (maybe even multiple times), but in case you haven’t, you should definitely watch it. There is a book adaptation available too! It is a great Christmas-themed comedy that most people like, so you may like it too.

Merry Christmas (without burglars)